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We are the first local marketplace, run exclusively by Women! With staff in most locales around the world. Our admins are Sassy and Dark, the market Manager RedLotus and Citizen who you will see helping out with disputes and support tickets . DarkMarket is open internationally to give you the widest range of options from most countries.


We have staff available 24 hours a day to give you darkmarket link the fastest response and best customer service possible. For our international buyers/vendors we have moderators and other staff for the fastest resolutions or support possible no matter where you are in the world.


DarkMarket don't hold traditional wallets, instead a unique payment address is created for each purchase you make. In your account section you are able to specify a payment or refund address which all funds will be paid too in the event you cancel an order or win a dispute.

When purchasing products and services you will be given a list of payment options. At present we accept Bitcoin and Monero.

Premium Advertising:

There are currently several premium advertising spots available on the homepage, search pages and category pages. If you are a vendor interested in advertising, please contact us from darkmarket link. Our rates are very reasonable and are charged month to month. Each block is yours for the entire period at one flat fee, we do not charge per click or rotate advertisements. We also offer generous discounts for those wishing to prepay 3, 6 and 12 months in advance.

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