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Darkmarket Buyers FAQ

Buyers faq

Products and Services:

You will find a wide array of products and services on darkmarket. When searching for a product or service, it is always best to review all of the offers available in your location and make an informed decision based on which best suits your circumstances and/or needs. If you make a purchase in error or change your mind, you will need to abide by the sellers terms and conditions and negotiate a refund or credit directly with them. We always recommend reading a Vendors terms and conditions before buying because they can vary quite considerably.
We charge a flat 5% on all Purchases. Orders marked delivered, cancelled and disputed/resolved, are all charged the same 5% Fee. We charge this fee on all orders because in all instances, we are also charged a fee. This fee still remains cheaper than a traditional market that typically charges for deposits/withdrawals and for purchases as well. Please make your purchase carefully, if you do decide to cancel an order you will incur a fee.

Making  a Purchase

When making a purchase and going through the checkout, you will be prompted to select a payment method.

Payment Methods: Bitcoin and Monero

At Checkout: Before clicking purchase, please fill in your address details and click "SAVE"!

View Purchases: Account -> Purchases on left hand panel -> click on the order ID of the purchase.

In each purchase you will have:

>Payment Address to pay for your order, BTC or XMR address

>Pay the required funds to the address specified, if this is incorrect or less than the required amount the order cannot proceed.

>The Amount paid, this notifies a vendor to ship your order!

>Conversations: Buyers and Vendors can communicate easily with this feature, each users PGP key is located above conversations.

>Status of your order, Purchased, Sent, Delivered, Disputed, Resolved

>You can cancel an order, Extend the Auto-FInalize Time (more than once), open a disput eand leave feedback for your order as well.

>Feedback can be changed upon request if you make a mistake

>Sensitive information can be removed from Order Conversations and dispute threads by staff upon request.

>Product are either: Normal Escrow or Finalize Early. Keep this in mind when making a purchase. Funds for FInalize Early orders will be paid once the vendor marks the order as completed. You can cancel a purchase any time before this.

Vendors Terms

Darkmarket Each Vendor will have terms and conditions for their products and services. These rules must also be in line with market rules and expectations and if you feel a vendor is violating any market rules, plase report them to us! If you encounter an issue which cannot be resolved between yourself and the vendor you may open a dispute. Support will assist in every way possible, a fair decision will be reached based on the individual circumstances, the buyers terms and general common sense to ensure each party receives fair and equitable treatment.

Payment issues

The amount of crypto-currency payable does not include fees for transferring coins which you need to account for during a transfer to ensure the exact amount shown is paid in full. Failure to do this may results in a Vendor rejecting or not sending an order. If you make a larger payment than required, you may request for your order to be cancelled or refunded to the original payment address. Please be aware that in most cases, refunds will be processed to the address specified in your account.

Finalize Early

If a vendor does NOT have FINALIZE EARLY - They are NOT ALLOWED to ask you to FE - Please report any vendor who does this!

Some digital products are auto-delivery, otherwise you will need to wait a reasonable amount of time for a vendor to deliver a digital order, 24-48 hours.

Order Issue

If you have not received your product, you can simply extend the auto-finalize time. If there is an issue with your order, please message the vendor in the order conversation. If you are unable to reach an equitable resolution, please open a dispute. Please note that disputes can only be opened for orders which are in a sent state. Once an item is marked as delivered either by yourself, or auto-finalize (12) days, we are unable to retrieve the funds for this order.

Reporting Scams

If you notice any of the following, please open a support ticket straight away. Our priority is ensuring we run a safe and fair market for all users.

  • Several 1 Star Reviews
  • Scam warning from other buyers in feedback
  • Reports a vendor is scamming
  • Vendor is Selling any prohibited items
  • Vendor is selling to prohibited geo-locations

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