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Darkmarket rules

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While our community remains as open and free as possible, we do have a select number of rules. If you violate our terms, you may be banned for a period of time or permanently. Each case will be decided by staff on a case by case basis.

Threatening and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated towards staff, vendors or users of the site. Please remain respectful at all times, if you have an issue you are unable to resolve, you may open a dispute or escalate a dispute to admin for review.

Actionable offences:

  • Doxxing
  • FUD
  • Threats and/or actual violence
  • Discrimination / Hate Speech
  • Making false or unfounded accusations

Prohibited items are products or services which are banned from our marketplace. If you are found to be selling or purchasing, discussing or offering such items, you may receive a permanent ban.

Prohibited Items:

  • Contract Killing, harmful or violent products or services
  • Fentanyl, Carfentanil and any synthetic structural analog equivalent
  • Guns / Weapons which discharge high velocity rounds, mame human beings or animals in any way shape or form
  • Explosives, precursors or any chemical used to produce explosives / devices
  • Child / Animal / Violent Pornography
  • GHB / Royhipnal / Date Rape Drugs
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human / Animal Organs and/or body parts
  • Livestock / Any animal living of deceased

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