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06-13-2020: New dark market url and Improved SEARCH! Search for any product/service, vendors name, specific term or special characters $%= - weighted to give you the highest quality results for the terms you use. Vendors responsiveness, overall qualitative and quantitative percentages which take into consideration a vendors rating as well as their individual product ratings to give you the best quality results, every time.
Deleted, disabled, old and irrelevant listings will no longer show in results giving you options from vendors that are up to date and ready to purchase now.
Monero bug where exact order values are paid and not showing "enough" has now also been fixed!. More updates to follow.

Older Updates

05-15-2020: Apologies for the downtime and any bugs some of you may have encountered over the last 24 hours. We have been implementing a rather large update to our payment system and encountered more errors that we had anticipated. All issues and bugs are now resolved and if you have any queries, feel free to open a support ticket!

04-07-2020: UPDATE! Vendors can now disable and enable products, Disputes now have a 50/50 Resolution option and several optimization changes have been made with more updates on the way!. We now have settings to flag users on the back end and also to protect Buyers by locking vendor accounts if they are exit scamming. More updates to come!

03-19-2020: Wishlist bug has now been fixed! Now when viewing a product you can add this to your wishlist and view a list of your favorites products any time!

03-14-2020: Search funcationality has now been updated, search results are more accurate, search bar on home page allows you to search with a location, search bar has been removed from the navigation bar and messages link added for convenience. Wishlist issue is in final stages of testing and will be up in the next 24 hours!

03-09-2020: So many new updates to mention, the latest is the txid for each transaction once an order is cancelled, completed and resolved! You will see this in the purchase under the payment information. We have fixed disputes so they now appear in order, we have implemented better Notifications to include the buyer/vendor name and Purchase ID so it is clearer! Many more updates to follow and XMR will be back online in 24 hours.

01-28-2020: The new DarkMarket url forum has now been launched! Links on the home page. We hope this will give buyers and vendors a place for free expression during these uncertain times. Stay safe out there ~ DarkMarket

01-17-2020: IMPORTANT WARNING: DO NOT trust any account asking or sending messages from dark market for money, the only official staff accounts are Dark[admin] Sassy[admin] Redlotus[Manager] and citizen[staff] if you do get a meesage from ANY ACCOUNT asking for money, please report them immediately!

01-12-2020: Another Quick Update! Vendors can now import ratings from these markets, Dream Market, Empire Market, Berlusconi, Nightmare, Apollon, Cryptonia, Wall St, Tochka, CGMC and Whitehouse! Open a support ticket and Request any of your stats from these markets! DarkMarket url

01-11-2020: First update of the year and somne very exciting news! We are now able to import Vendor ratings from other markets! If you would like this done, please open a support ticket and our friendly support staff will be able to import any and all ratings from markets you have been active on, past and present!

12-31-2019: Last update for the year! Dark Mode has now been implemented and can be changed on the top navigation bar! Dark/Light Mode is persistent, once set will remain the same, every time you log in. Click "Dark" and come over to the Dark Side!
All the best for 2020 - The DarkMarket Team!

12-28-2019: Vendor Backgrounds have been updated! There are now 30+ new backgrounds from "Breaking Bad" Themes, to psychedelic gif's, hacking carding, scarface, weed, cocaine and many many more! If you would like your logo or a custom picture as a background, contact us and we can upload it! Happy, Safe and Prosperous 2020 to all!

12-19-2019: A few new changes and updates to report! The Finalize Early order process has changed to help protect buyers and vendors. Once and order is made then paid, the order will stay in a purchased state until the vendor logs in, fulfills the order and then completes the order by clicking on "Finalize Order". This means buyers are protected so that if a vendor does not log in for a period of time, the buyer has the option of canceling the order if it has not been fulfilled and marked as completed!

Our second update. Buyers can now extend the Auto-finalize time by clicking on their order in purchases and clicking on "Extend Finalize Time" Which adds 12 additional days (From current date). We are also considering changing the auto-finalize time to 7 days for vendors, buyers will still have the option of extending this time, as many times as required if the order has not been delivered. Buyers who abuse this function, will have their order finalized and be banned as a result! -- Please give us your feedback about finalization times, we intend to update this in coming weeks.

Third Update. We have noticed a small percentage of buyer that have mistakenly posted sensitive unencrypted data in conversation orders, staff are now able to remove this at the request of a buyer and/or vendor!

Fourth Update. You will now find a vendors PGP key on their profile and on every order you make at the top of conversations. If buyers have added a PGP key this will also be displayed to help both buyer/vendor encrypt communications in order conversations.

We have more updates to come and wish you all a happy, cheerful holiday season!

11-16-2019: November has been a busy month so far, we've hit 25,000 users as well as several new updates including: Conversations in orders, Countdown timer for escrow orders which can be found in your purchase list and on each individual order. Vendors also have this feature under their sales tab and can now see once an order is paid in their sales list. Monero is back online after some maintenance and we have also updated our default search to display results with the highest rating per order/vendor with additional search and filter options! Once Dread is back online, we will make an announcement with more information about these updates!

11-06-2019: Big Update with Orders! You will now see that buyers and vendors can type messages within each individual order. Please note these messages are NOT encrypted. You will find conversations in each order you make, click on the specific order and you will have the ability to communication with buyers and vendors about your order, issues or basic queries. More updates to follow in the coming weeks!

10-20-2019: It's been some time since we have updated everyone and wanted to thank all of our new users for joining! We are growing at an exponential rate and have spent several weeks upgrading our infastructre to match. You may also notice us issue v3 onion urls from time to time when experiencing heavy ddos. Some exciting news and announcements are coming in the weeks ahead so stay tuned, stay safe and best wishes to all!

08-31-2019: Welcome to the 1000+ new daily users! We have updated a few minor things. 1. Vendor profile description has been increased to 10,000 characters! 2. Vendors PGP keys are now visible on their profile.

08-24-2019: HUGE UPDATE! - We have now been listed on dark.fail ! A big thank you to them and to those that have supported us from the very start. It has been a very busy few weeks, search updated with ships from/to, back end changes which have greatly decreased load times, updates to the ticketing system, messages, disputes, product description and vendor description which now preserves all formatting also allowing emojis! Updates to premium advertising, (Contact us for more info), links added to the home page for dread and the sites where you will find our official links. We have also added vacation mode for vendors and a direct lnk to view your profile in the account section. We have changed the UI on vendor profiles and increased the character limit to 5000. Additionial backgrounds have also been added, with more to come. We are one of the top searches, in 30th place within the last 7 days for DarkNet Markets, some very positive news, changes and updates with much, much more to come. Cheers!

08-14-2019: BitMessage is now live! This means you can now forward all of your messages to your own BitMessage address and receive market messages conveniently and easily! Please open a support ticket url if you need any help setting this up.

08-03-2019: Site has been updated, many cosmetic updates! we now have /pgp.txt and /canary.txt for your ongoing safety. Messages are now deleted after 30 days, purchases without payment expire after 48 hours and the Autofinalize timer has been set at 14 days.


DarkMarket url is a boutique marketplace, with that in mind and for the safety of our customers we have prohibited certain locations.

Banned Countries

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Russia

If you do not preside in the above locations, we welcome your registration as a buyer or vendor. For more information please contact support.

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